12 Ideas For Steam Showers In Your Home

By Will Tottle | Steam Shower Information

May 24

1. Difference between a steam room and a sauna!

Saunas and steam showers are not the same as many people think. The two will undoubtedly make you sweat. Steam rooms produce moist and humid heat, whereas saunas provide hotter, dry heat.

2. Designed to order or off the shelf?

There are several ways to incorporate a steam shower into your home. Among these would be to have one custom-built, either combined with an existing bathroom or constructed as an entirely new room. The most significant advantage of a custom steam showers is choosing the size and shape that is perfect for your space.

3. Deciding which steam generator size is right

To proceed with a custom-built steam shower, a steam generator is one of the most necessary items. From a small 3kw up to 18kw, they are available in various Kilowatt sizes. A steam generator's size is determined by the cubic capacity of the steam room.

Steam Generators

4. Sizing the steam generator correctly is critical.

You can't reach the maximum temperature or heat with a steam generator that's too small for your bathroom. In addition, a steam generator that is too large wastes resources and can overheat.

5. Calculating the most important factor

Identify the size in feet and inches of the space intended for the steam room. By multiplying the area's width, length, and height, we arrive at the Cubic Feet size. An average 3kw unit will cover 120 cubic feet, 9kw 350 cubic feet, 12kw 500 cubic feet, etc.

7. Conversion kits for steam showers

Steam generator kits are available for existing showers with up to 120 cubic feet capacity. A steam generator with a 3kw output, control panel, hoses, speakers, covers, a steam inlet pod, and an ozone unit can be included in the equipment. FW radios and Bluetooth are also often included on the control panel. 

8. Add-ons for your steam shower

There are also a number of extra items that can be added to your steam shower. Chromatherapy lighting is a popular feature that, like steam, can have health-giving effects. Find out more about Chromatherapy by using your preferred search engine. 

9. Aromatherapy and steam treatments.

An article on steam showers must include Aromatherapy. Due to space limitations, you can search for more information. Diffuser essence holders, which clip onto the steam nozzle, are an essential accessory for Aromatherapy. 

10. Steam shower cabins off the shelf.

Flat-pack steam shower cabins have become increasingly popular in the past 15 years. The units run on hot water supplied by the central heating system. A 13amp electrical supply and one hot and one cold connection are usually required once they are assembled. 

Small Steam Shower

11. Showers that fit in small spaces.

Due to space considerations, a custom steam room or shower may not be possible in many homes. Self-contained and free-standing steam shower cabins are available in a variety of sizes. A corner fitting model 800mm x 800mm is the smallest and fully functional as the large model. 

12. Connect & assemble, plus many features!

Steam shower cabins come packed with great features. In addition to the steam function, most have three showering options: overhead monsoon shower, hand shower, and massage back jets. These days FM radio and Bluetooth are fitted as standard.

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