All About Whirlpool Steam Shower Baths

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Apr 07

All you wanted to know about whirlpool ​bath steam showers and the key benefits​

​Ok so what exactly are they and is there any difference between how they are variously described as  Whirlpool Steam Shower Baths or Steam Shower Whirlpool Baths and Whirlpool Bath Steam Showers?

​As you’ve probably guessed, each description is referring to much the same type of product. However, when potential customers are searching online for one of these fabulous units, any one or more of the above terms would likely be used to find what they are looking for.

​We tend to prefer the latter term, so we’ll stick to that from now on throughout this article, so here’s our explanation of what Whirlpool Bath Steam Showers are……

​The free-standing combination….

​Quite simply, they are a combination of a free-standing shower cabin, a steam shower and a whirlpool bath, all amalgamated into one luxurious bathing and showering experience, fit to grace any en-suite or bathroom….depending on the available space.

whirlpool steam shower bath Aegean

​Having enough space is crucial…

​The mention of available space early on is crucial, because these Whirlpool Bath Steam Showers do not fit tight wall to wall…i.e. you cannot take out a 1700mm standard bath and install one of these in the same footprint. Additional space is required to assemble, install and connect the unit. So an extra size allowance of at least 400mm to the front and side is needed….large enough to allow  a fitter to get down the side and behind to make the various connections. The only exception to this, is if you can make access to the back of the unit from an adjoining room.

​The key showering features….

​Ok so now you know whether your room is large enough or indeed not, here’s more details on what to expect feature wize from Whirlpool Bath Steam Showers. First off, the “shower cabin” aspect sits on top of the bath base….so this now has a back, sides, roof, front and sliding doors, making a fully enclosed unit.  On the showering side of things, an overhead monsoon shower, a detachable hand shower on a riser bar and hydro massage back jets, are all fitted as standard. These are used one at a time, you simply turn a knob to switch from one to the other as preferred.

​The steam functionality…

​Next is the steam room function, provided by an in-built steam generator – normally 2.8kw or 3kw and fitted to the back of the unit. Steam is emmitted into the unit via a steam pod or jets and thus provides a very relaxing experience. Steam is also well known to have health benefits both physical and mental. This can be enhanced further, by the use of Aromatherapy or Essential oils with the steam, which are all made from naturual plant extracts.

Aegean 1350 Whirlpool Shower

​The whirlpool experience…..

​Lastly, the whirlpool bath aspect…the units come with a bath base and depending on the make and model, this will have whirlpool jets and/or air spa jet. Water flows in to the bath when the bath filler option is selected. Most Whirlpool Bath Steam Showers are also fitted with under water lighting as well, thus creating an even more ambient experience

​Model sizes and shapes…

​As for sizes and shapes, there are rectangular models ranging from 1350mm x 800mm up to 1700mm x 900; corner or quadrant models at 1350mm x 1350mm and 1500mm x 900mm  and offset models from 1500mm x 900mm. Whirlpool Bath Steam Showers are delivered flat-packed for home assembley, with the bath base being the largest item. Two quick points about installing…make sure the bath is water tested first outside and always install on top of your finished floor. These units need to move in and out for any future servicing required and must not be trapped in place by ceramic floor tiles of laminated flooring.

​Numerous other features…

​Anything else to expect within the overal specification? Absolutely! Look out for touch control panels, LED lights, Chromatherapy lighting, FM radio and Bluetooth connectiviity, choice of colour interiors and so on. When you want to know more, take a look our selection of models and brands as follows:- Insignia Whirlpool Showers, Vidalux Whirlpool Showers and Lisna Waters Whirlpool Showers.

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