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Jan 27

Self-Contained Shower Units Can Save Costs

By Will Tottle | Product Reviews

Own A Buy-To-Let or Holiday Property?  Here’s How Self-Contained Shower Units, Can Save Costs & Keep The Rental Income Flowing…. For landlords of Buy-To-Let properties with high rates of tenant turnover and for owners of busy Holiday    Homes, the self-contained shower cabin is an inexpensive and convenient solution, to an age-old problem:- How do you […]

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Jan 02

Hot Shower Benefits – 5 Healthy Gains In 5 Soothing Minutes!

By Will Tottle | Health

Hot Shower Benefits – 5 Healthy Gains In 5 Soothing Minutes! Each day, the skin encounters pollutants and particulate matter present in the environment. With time, these toxins, irritants and dirt particles accumulate leading to clogged pores, acne, blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes. Integrated together, the presence of these particles could lead to several ailments. When you take […]

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Nov 21

Health benefits of using a steam shower

By Will Tottle | Health

James Watt steam

Multiple Health Benefits Of Using A Steam Shower In the mid-eighteenth century, a young man named James Watt sat by the fireplace, gazing earnestly at the teakettle on the stove.Watching the steam rise from the boiling kettle fascinated him. This experience led to the commencement of a lifelong fascination with steam. It also led to his recognition […]

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Sep 12

Smart Price – New Video Channel

By Will Tottle | Company News

steam showers you tube

Smart Price New Video Channel Smart Price Warehouse are pleased to announce the launch of their new YouTube Channel.  In due course, this will feature a promotional video of every shower model we have available and this will develop and expand over the coming month. For the launch, we are featuring the new Aqualusso Alto […]

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