Valiryo v2 Body Dryer Automated Drying Device

Valiryo v2 Body Dryer, perhaps time to throw in the towel....

Valiryo Full Body Dryer

Valiryo Body Dryer in Black or White Finsh

Insignia/Valiryo Full Body Dryer - Automated Drying

  •  Efficient electrical power plant
  •  Patented air diffusion technolgy
  •  Adjust temperature & intensity
  •  No maintenance or cleaning
  •   Optional motion sensor
  •   S-shape for efficient drying
  •  Water resistant & vandal proof
  •  Sanitary & anti-bacterial
Valiryo Body Dryer
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Valiryo White Finish
Valiryo White Vents
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Insignia Valiryo

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Drying Time: 3 Minutes

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The Valiryo v2 Body Dryer - Colour Black or White

Time to throw in the towel, as this fully automated body drying device revolutionises the way we dry ourselves following a shower....welcome to the Insignia Valiryo Body Dryer. The Valiryo can be installed inside your bathroom and instead of a towel, the highly pleasant air stream generates a drying experience that is germ and antibacterial free, plus skin friendly too.  The highly efficient electrical power plant of the innovative  Valiryo Body Dryer also features a patented air diffusion technology which means you become totally dry without having to use a towel, thus avoiding skin friction and resulting in enhanced smoothness and hydration after only a few uses. Valiryo Body Dryer available in either Black or White finsh. Valirya Technical Data

Valiryo Technical Data

Efficient electrical power plant

The Body Dryer makes use of a highly efficient electrical engine that is located at the top of the device, providing for a powerful air stream in an economic and ecological manner.

Adjust temperature & intensity

You can choose between 16 different combinations of air temperature (up to 32°C above room temperature) and intensity, making it a customized feel-good experience after each and every shower.

Patented air diffusion technolgy

Exclusively developed, the Body Dryer is the only technology in the market providing a uniform flow of air with respect to temperature and intensity – from the upper- to the lowermost of the 27 air vents.

No maintenance or cleaning

Simplicity was a key element in the design of our revolutionary product. Hence, there is no need for any regular maintenance, profound cleaning, or replacement of components.

Optional motion sensor

Optionally, you can make use of the integrated motion sensor. Valiryo v2 Body Dryer will then turn itself on and off automatically once you stand in front of it and leave again, respectively.

Water resistant & tamper proof

The Body Dryer can easily be installed, as it is completely water-resistant and IP56-classified. Moreover, the processed materials are highly durable and therefore appropriate for public and frequent use, for example in hotels, gyms, or spas.

S-shape efficient drying

The s-shaped form guarantees a smooth and even drying process from head to toe – without the need for any inconvenient and oftentimes dangerous movements on wet ground.

Sanitary & anti-bacterial

Not only does the Body Dryer allow for a germ-free drying process. The natural, frictionless way of drying also favours a softer and more hydrated skin after only a few applications. In addition, the air stream contains silver ions that prevent bacteria from developing and spreading

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