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After Sales & Pre-Sales Enquiries 

There are various Contact & Support Options available to you here at Smart Price Warehouse, so please read through the following details, to locate the Contact option that suits you best.


"Live Chat" is staffed mostly by a Sales Team member who can help with your pre-order questions. As such, they might not be able to assist directly  with your after sales Support queries and technical information....but DO feel free to ask anyway:) To use this Chat feature, please look out for the "Quick Question" icon at the bottow right hand side of every page. Click this and start typing your message. When online, you'll be able to type and chat with us live and if offine, you can leave your name and email plus a message, which we'll reply to as soon as possible.


Pre-Sales enquiries from 9am to 9pm  - send your message to:- +44 (0)7764 288331 - text contact only, system does not except voice calls. If you have support queries please call 0208-166-5994 or open a Ticket - see below.


Steam Shower Knowledge Base

There are very many frequently asked Questions and Answers about our shower models and in particularly, FAQ's regarding general plumbing and electrical requirements plus numerous other topics and these can be found over at our Knowledge Base section. To view the Knowledge Base, please Click Here.


Freshdesk Ticket Support

To help reduce email spam and manage Customer queries more efficiently, Smart Price Warehouse have Ticket System in place with Freshdesk. To send us your questions and queries, please Click Here or the image below.


The main contact telephone number is 0208-166-5994. Listen to the Options, please, before making an Extension selection. Sales Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday 9am - 6pm, Sunday 11am - 4pm. ALL other Departments Monday - Friday 9.30am to 5pm ONLY. Out of office hours please use Online Chat or Whatsapp - see above.


steam shower warranty claims

For general inquiries about Warranties, use the Ticket System as detailed above. To claim under a Warranty, note that ALL claims are underwritten & managed ONLY by the Supplier for the model purchased. If contact details are required, do please ask.


steam shower cabin parts spares

If you have purchased a shower from us or another Supplier and are outside a Warranty period, Steam Shower Parts stock shower spares & parts for purchase online. Use our Ticket System for questions or to view available parts they can supply  Click Here.

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