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In this first Help Guides section you'll find useful links and direct access, to all manner of pertinent information from How to Order at Smart Price Warehouse and our Ultimate Steam Shower Buyers Guide, to Contacting Customer Services plus our Knowledge Base & FAQ's. Make your selections below and then click the relevant button to view.

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In this second part of this Help Guides page, we've also included direct links to a number of interesting articles and features pertaining to the use of our shower products and as published in our Blog - "The Smart Approach" - thanks for reviewing.....

Benefits Of Using Our Showers In

DIY or Professional Installing?

Get To Know About Steam Shower

5 Health Gains In 5 Minutes With

Aromatherapy & Steam Showers

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Want A Hangover Cure?

Fully Enclosed Or Open Top?

Shower Products Use & Your Health

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So What's The Difference?

Large Family? How about A...

Choosing A Bluetooth Enabled Shower

Steam Shower Helps To Relieve

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