VAT exempt purchase shower cabins

VAT Exempt purchases on steam and shower cabins....

Although perhaps not fully disabled or wheelchair bound, for many of us, there can still comes a time in life when the simple act of taking a shower, becomes more of a challenge with each passing day.

Often, just a bit more space or easier entry, could make all the difference in turning what may be a daily struggle, into more of a pleasurable experience again.

VAt-Exempt Shower Purchase

Many of the models features on our website, provide either extra width; low step entry or a combination of both. For those perhaps with back, leg or hip issues, these particular Steam Showers and Shower Cabins, may indeed fulfill your mobility shower requirements and at the same time, still provide you with all the latest cutting-edge designs and great features.

​For those with more chronic illnesses or disabilities, the known medical and stress relieving power of hydrotherapy within our Shower Cabins means there is also the possibility that such a purchase could be supplied free of VAT. To see if you qualify, please read through the further notes below. There is VAT Exempt form that needs to be completed. This we can email to you and needs to returned, before you can make such a purchase.

​To verify the VAT Exempt price of a particular model, visit this Online Calculator here. Enter the published model price [excluding any Delivery cost for your Post Code area or required Express Delivery] plus the cost of related accessories such as a PEV or Pump. Once you have subtracted the VAT element, add the Delivery cost to this and that will then be the price you pay. You need to call us first [0208-166-5994] before a VAT Exempt purchase can be made or send a Support Ticket. We will send you an electronic invoice for your purchase, once the emailed Declaration form has been received back from you.

qualifying for vat exemption

How to determine if you or the person you are purchasing a shower product for, is eligible for VAT Relief.

An individual is eligible for VAT Exemption if they are terminally ill, chronically sick or disabled. The ‘illness’ can be either physical or mental providing that the medical profession treats the condition as either terminal or chronic such as Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Oedema, Heart Disease or Stroke.

​A frail or infirm elderly person, who apart from this is otherwise able bodied or any person who is only temporarily disabled with perhaps a broken leg or other limb, would not qualify for exemption.

​Importantly, the shower product must be declared as being purchased for personal or domestic use. VAT relief cannot therefore be claimed if you were intending to purchase a shower product for use by a group of people within say a care home, as this would not be for ‘personal use’ by the declared individual.

​You can however, make a VAT exempt purchase on behalf of another individual, provided they fit the above criteria and likewise too if you are a charity, making a purchase for a disabled or chronically ill person for their personal or domestic use. For further details visit the HM Revenue & Customs website regarding VAT reliefs for disabled people HMRC Reference: Notice 701/7. Please note that there are penalties for making false declarations.

​How to make your VAT Exemption purchase.

​Once you have selected the shower model and any accessory products you require and have determined that you or the person you are purchasing for qualifies for VAT exemption, please proceed as follows:-

1. Call us on 0208-166-5994 and inform us of your intended purchase and the model you require. If preferred, you can send us this information by Support Ticket. We will answer any questions you have and confirm the VAT Exempt price for the model and accessories [if any] you have chosen. Tell us when you will be ready to complete the purchase and we will email to you the Declaration form to complete.

2. Once you have completed the Declaration form and emailed this back to us, we will check this through for you. Following this, an electronic invoice for the amount of the VAT Exempt order will be emailed back to you with the facility to click and make payment online. We can also arrange for this to be a Telephone order, if this method is preferable to you.

3. After the order and payment has been received, we will then finalise the delivery arrangements for you order with you and advise accordingly.

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