Hot Shower Benefits – 5 Healthy Gains In 5 Soothing Minutes!

By Will Tottle | Health

Jan 02

Hot Shower Benefits – 5 Healthy Gains In 5 Soothing Minutes!

Each day, the skin encounters pollutants and particulate matter present in the environment. With time, these toxins, irritants and dirt particles accumulate leading to clogged pores, acne, blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes. Integrated together, the presence of these particles could lead to several ailments.

When you take a hot shower, the warmth of the water – in conjunction with the steam – opens the pores on your skin. Thus, this helps in cleansing the pores and releasing the toxic impurities present in the skin.

To experience the complete benefits of a shower as a skin cleanser, follow your hot water shower with a cold-water rinse. This will close your pores again and leave the skin feeling fresh and vibrant.

A Hot Shower Could be Your Warm-up Partner before a Workout

Warming up appropriately is an important element of your workout. Many people prefer hitting the gym or the treadmill as soon as they wake up. As the muscles can be stiff when you wake up, a hot shower can help them loosen (and warm) up effectively.

The warmth of a hot shower inside your shower cabin helps get the blood circulation going. This helps in warming up the muscles and leaving them primed for any exercise you commence thereafter.

In fact, studies reveal that exercising results in the release of large numbers of Heat Stress Proteins (HSPs). Heat produces HSPs and keeps your body toned and geared up to the stress and pressures of your daily workout. It also aids metabolic rates and enhances your muscular mass.

A Hot Shower Can Help Loosen Up Stiff Muscles

If you suffer frequently from a stiff neck or shoulder pains, a hot shower can be your best antidote. Heat acts as a catalyst for all chemical and metabolic reactions in the body. Let the warmth of the hot water flow over the affected parts. The heat of the water will help the muscles relax and become pliable. A few simple neck and shoulder rolls thereafter, could help them loosen up perfectly.

A hot shower with a powerful shower head like the 25 cm tropical monsoon head can be as beneficial as a massage for your shoulders, neck and the back. It can relieve the tension in the muscles and soothe stiff muscles.

A Hot Shower Can Provide Cough-and-Cold Relief

A hot shower necessarily produces steam. For people suffering from sore throats or coughs, the steam of a hot shower can loosen phlegm and eliminate the mucous. Thus, your hot shower also acts like a natural decongestant.

In case you have a cold, a hot shower can provide relief from all the accompanying aches and pains. Add eucalyptus oil to your skin or the air inside your shower cabin. This will make the steam treatment more effective. It will also help you breathe more easily.

A Hot Shower is the Ultimate Relaxing Agent

Stress is an unavoidable part of contemporary life. It can lead to common complaints like insomnia, where you find it difficult to sleep. Appropriate rest is necessary for the mind and the body to heal and recharge.

Therefore, taking five minutes or so from your daily schedule and spending them inside your shower cabin for a hot shower can be very useful. Let the soothing stream of warm water flow over your body through the 25 cm tropical monsoon head. By boosting your Oxycontin levels, a hot shower can ease anxiety and tension.

A hot shower works like a natural sedative. It helps calm the body. It also helps to relax the body, mind and the nerves. If you want to optimize the benefits further, consider adding lavender oil.

The Last Word on Hot Showers

Beneficial as they are, avoid spending more than 10 minutes inside hot showers. Excessive exposure to hot water could result in having negative effects on your skin e.g. dryness, itching etc.

The famous entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell said, “Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has an idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference.” The urge to make a difference comes from a keen mind and a relaxed body. Five minutes in the hot shower before you begin your day could well be your key to an enriching and fulfilled life.


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