How to Replace a Shower Hose?

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Sep 18

An easy way to spruce up your steam shower or steam shower cabin is to install a new shower hose of the highest quality and greatest durability. Luckily, to replace a shower hose is a straightforward and low-cost way that won’t only improve your shower’s look but also its functionality without the need of a complete make-over. With just a simple upgrade, you will enjoy the myriad of benefits of steam, so taking a shower will turn into your best part of the day.

The good news is that it won’t take you more than a few minutes. Plus, it’s much easier than you think. 

We’ll show you how to solve this common issue.

Are Shower Hoses Universal?

Shower Hose

Many think that most flexible hoses are suitable for most shower types but in reality, hoses differ by the size, form, and model of the cones on the ends. 

Specialists know that shower hoses come with a universal size and matching is a must. While size won’t affect water pressure and performance, you might experience slight discomfort as you attach the shower head inside and the riser or bracket. A loose or over-tightened joint can cause your shower to slip or drop, not to mention how annoying can be.

  1. A lesser-known tip is to measure the inner diameter of your hose and compare it with what spare parts you have. 
  2. Also, opt for a robust and durable model designed to withstand high-temperature hot water.
  3. At Smart Price Warehouse we have in stock a wide range of replacement PVC shower hoses with different length and size (50, 100, 150 cm) to connect your shower valve to various features such as a monsoon or hand shower.

If you’re unsure of what kind of replacement shower hose you need, ask your customer agent for help. Also, check our Ultimate Buyers Guide and explore the many different showers equipped with flexible hoses and focus on your desired length, style, and colour. 

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This is how you find the exact match for your old hose.

Tools You Will Need

Shower Hose Tools

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of replacing your shower here, make sure you gather the below-listed tools and supplies. To prepare in advance saves you time and frustration. 

Here they are:

  • Replacement shower hose
  • Clean cloth
  • Towel
  • Bucket (Optional)
  • Pliers (Optional)
  • Duct tape (Optional)

If you lack the time, experience, and materials, consider booking professionals like the Fantastic Handyman Plumbers and get a full shower makeover. 

To any other DIY enthusiast ready for action, read through these tips!

How To Change A Shower Hose

The steps to get your old shower hose off are simple and straightforward. Plus, you won’t need specialised tools to do the job.

Prepare Before You Remove the Hose Fitting

  1. The first thing you have to do is to turn the shower off. To turn water flow and supply off all the way to the stopcock isn’t a must but for your peace of mind, please do so. 
  2. When you want the extra safety, make sure that your entire bath is dry. No matter how much effort you put to keep both your shower and floor dry, for moisture will likely remain
  3. Prepare a rag and absorb any drips to ensure a non-slip bathroom floor. This way you’ll absorb water that spurs out.
  4. Place a towel, bucket, or rubber plug to cover plug holes on the floor, bath or shower tray. 
  5. Seal the drain with duct tape. This will prevent any dirt and debris from getting into the drain. Avoid losing the tiny hose washers during the disassembly process.
  6. Wrap duct tape around the shower tap and cut the chances of a mess.

Unless you turn on the shower by accident, you don’t have to worry as no water will pass through the shower holes.

Disassemble the Old or Damaged Shower Hose

To change your damaged shower hose, you need to twist it off. 

Disassembling Shower Hose

Here’s the exact process to follow:

  1. Detach the old hose from the shower body/valve. 
  2. Unscrew the old hose anticlockwise from the shower unit while holding it with one hand. Then, pull it off. Sometimes you need some extra strength when the connection is tight. If you have muscles, you can do it by hands. But if the shower hose won’t unscrew, you need to involve a pair of pliers in the process. To avoid damage and for extra grip, wrap an old rag around the joints. Then, use the pliers to unscrew the flexible hose.
  3. Once the hose comes off, check for a black rubber washer inside. 
  4. Take the washer out of the hose and, unless it is worn out, put it in a hand’s reach. If it’s in good condition, you can reuse it in a later stage of the fitting process. 
  5. Disconnect the old hose from the showerhead.
  6. Remove the other washer. 
  7. Keep it clean and safe.

How to Attach the New Hose

Attaching New Hose

The easiest step is to reconnect the new hose to the showerhead and the shower unit. 

Here’s how:

  1. Ensure the new shower hose comes with rubber washers inside each end. If these are missing, make use of the old ones, if suitable.
  2. Insert the rubber washer into the joint at the shower unit. If seals are still intact and desired, you can always reuse those. And when you want to make your hose extra watertight, set it as a double-washer. This means you can fit both the old and new rubber washer at each end of the hose.
  3. Screw the hose clockwise onto the faucet/unit until it’s snug. Avoid over-tightening the hose as this could split or break the washer and crack joints down the road.
  4. Finally, hand-tighten the other end of the hose onto your showerhead. Remember to fit the rubber washer to the joint and while gently forcing to attach it to the showerhead.

Turn the Water ON

Turn On The Water

Finally, you can turn on the water to your shower. 

  1. Let the water run for a few minutes and make sure that the new hose works correctly. 
  2. Check for leaks in the joints, the water pressure, and if the cones fit well in the riser. 
  3. Tighten the hose ends with pliers in case of drips and puddles on the floor. If this doesn’t help, ask a plumber to lend you a helping hand.

It isn’t worth it to spoil your shower experience when you can swap your shower hose in a jiffy. Armed with the tips mentioned above, you should easily replace a flexible shower hose.

Now, you can guide the water spout, relax, and enjoy a more refreshing shower experience!

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