Insignia Showers Key Features Reviewed

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Oct 11

Discover All The Benefits Of Their 2nd Generation Shower Models

Insignia Showers Key Features Reviewed:- LeakFree - QuickBuild - Easy Glide - QuickClick - O3 Ozone Chomotherapy - Connectivity - AMI - Insignia Kids
The LeakFree Tray Design From Insignia Eliminates Water Leaks

Throughout the years, Insignia has developed a wide variety of innovations in the shower cabins market. LeakFree shower cabins are changing the industry with their ingenious design, making them the smart choice for bathrooms, ensuites, and other wet areas.

Water stays in the shower without leaking onto your bathroom floor, thanks to the innovative Insignia LeakFree tray.

Ultimately, it's the tray design that makes a difference. This incredibly innovative design incorporates a 60-millimeter raised lip that houses the entire lower framework. Any water escaping will be redirected into the tray and down the drain by strategically positioned raised sections. Despite its simplicity, such a tray design has never been implemented.

Insignia Showers Key Features Reviewed - Leak Free Tray
The QuickClick Frames From Insignia Make Installation A Breeze

In contrast to the traditional fixed-to-the-wall tiled shower unit, installing a shower cabin may be a daunting task for you or even a plumber who is unfamiliar with the process.

As part of Insignia's commitment to making installation more straightforward, the company keeps innovating to make it as fast and easy as possible. The QuickClick frame is sold as a DIY product, so even those without much DIY experience can install and use one of these shower cabins.

To install the top and bottom rails, slide them into the cutout sections of the upright profiles. The frame is secured using securing clips installed at each corner once constructed. As a result, the overall build time takes only one minute to complete.

Insignia Showers Key Features Reviewed - Insignia QuickClick System
The Insignia QuickBuild System Speeds Up The Assembly Process

Insignia Showers Key Features Reviewed:- QuickBuild was explicitly developed for Insignia to set itself apart from other shower enclosure manufacturers in more than one way.

Most people can build this shower in just one hour thanks to its innovative QuickClick framework and game-changing LeakFree tray. The simplified build and lack of sealant minimise the chance of error, providing the customer with a stress-free installation.

As the Insignia QuickBuild system has a simple installation, the homeowner can assemble the shower unit. Consequently, only the plumbing and electric connections require the assistance of a professional tradesperson.

Insignia Showers Key Features Reviewed - Insignia QuickBuild System
Insignia's EasyGlide Wheels Make Shower Doors Slide Smoothly

Combined with the magnetic door seals, Insignia's EasyGlide door wheels ensure doors remain shut after you close them to shower. Doing this prevents you from accidentally leaving the shower doors open and letting water escape.

EasyGlide Wheels
The Sterilisation Method From Insignia With O3 Ozone

Insignia Showers Key Features Reviewed:- A stagnant steam showers enclosure can promote the growth of bacteria if the water vapour is left stagnant after enjoying a steam shower. Following your steam shower, the O3 Ozone purifier automatically activates when the central column is deactivated.

Air from your Insignia steam shower is purified with Ozone O3 by the Ozone O3 purifier. The air is accelerated to convert O2 into O3, and a high voltage is applied. Any germs and bacteria in the shower will be oxidized as the O3 exits the purifier.

Insignia Showers Key Features Reviewed - O2 Ozone
AMI - Aromatherapy For The Shower From Insignia

When you choose an Insignia Steam Shower, you can enhance your steam experience with Insignia's Aromatherapy. You can infuse the steam with therapeutic fragrances from Insignia's range of Essential Oils.

Choose one of the ten essential oils and enjoy a steam-infused shower with Insignia's proprietary AMI system. The Breathe oil has eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree aromas, while the Refresh oil has peppermint and lime.

AMI Aromatherapy
Stream Music While In The Shower With Bluetooth Connectivity

Insignia Showers Key Features Reviewed:- The Bluetooth sound system comes standard with all Insignia showers with electrical connections to enhance your showering experience. You can control your entertainment from a panel in the shower without having to leave the shower cabin. Play your preferred radio station with the built-in radio or listen to your favourite playlist or audiobook using Bluetooth connectivity

Insignia Showers Key Features Reviewed -Bluetooth Connectivity
With Insignia, You Can Enjoy Chromatherapy Lighting

Take a break from the day's stress with Insignia's chromotherapy lighting in the shower. Also known as colour therapy or light therapy. Most Insignia models offer Chromatherapy Lighting.

You can choose from 7 different colours with Chromotherapy Lighting, one for every mood. Using the built-in sound system, you can create your in-shower disco with white, green, yellow, light blue, dark blue, purple, and red lighting options.

Insignia Showers Key Features Reviewed - Chromotherapy Lighting
Insignia Kids Range Combines Safety With Fun

Insignia Showers Key Features Reviewed:- As part of the Insignia brand, we have put all the safety features you expect from Insignia into one fun, colourful, happy, and inviting place. Your child will now look forward to showering! Insignia Kids Showers are thermostatically controlled and feature digital hand showers with temperature indicators.

Designed to make showering a fun experience, Insignia Kids Showers are available in a variety of designs. Among the themes, you can choose are Jungle, Fairy Tale, Pirate, and Dinosaur. When your child grows older and Fairy Tales are no longer as cool, peel back the covering to reveal a proper grown-up shower with mirrors.

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Insignia Showers Key Features Reviewed

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