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An Introduction To Insignia's Signature Steam Generators.

  Insignia's Signature Steam Generators are a range of high-quality steam generators designed for domestic and commercial use. They are available in various sizes, from 3kw to 18kw, to suit different room sizes and user requirements. These generators are designed to provide a luxurious steam spa experience right in the comfort of your home or business premises.

Health Benefits of Steam Rooms

Steam rooms have been popular for years due to their numerous health benefits. Regular steam room use can help with stress relief, detoxification, alleviating back, neck, and muscle pain, and even addressing skin allergies and respiratory issues such as asthma, bronchitis, and sinusitis. Although ready-made steam showers are available, these steam generators allow you to build your own bespoke steam room.

Signature Steam Generators: An Overview

Insignia's Signature Steam Generators are designed to cater to a wide range of needs. Whether you're looking to add a steam function to an existing or new shower or a larger steam enclosure or bespoke steam room at home, in a gym, spa, hotel, or sports center, these generators are an excellent choice.

The Signature range is built with superior quality materials, including a stainless steel construction that ensures a long lifespan. They are equipped with overheat protection technology, sectional heating technology, and low water level protection, making them safe and reliable.

The generators also feature a waterproof touch control panel, allowing you to control all functions inside or outside your steam room. You can set your own temperature and timer for the perfect spa experience.

Steam Room Generators Features

Steam Generator Sizes

The Signature Steam Generators come in various sizes to suit different needs:

  • 7.5kw: 
  • 10.5kw: 
  • 12kw: 
  • 15kw: 
  • 18kw: 

Each purchase includes the steam generator unit, control box, steam outlet, touch control panel, and installation guide.

Additional Features

Insignia's Signature Steam Generators also offer a range of additional features for an enhanced steam room experience. These include a fast start feature, a low maintenance design, and an easily accessible service hole. The generators also come with a standard 12-month warranty, which can be extended to two years if an approved water processor/filter is installed.

Questions to Consider

  • What size of Insignia's Signature Steam Generator would suit your needs?
  • How could the health benefits of a steam room positively impact your lifestyle?
  • How would the additional features of Insignia's Signature Steam Generators enhance your steam room experience?
  • Entry Level Option: The HomeFit Steam System

    The Insignia 3kw HomeFit Steam System is a comprehensive kit designed to transform your existing shower into a luxurious steam shower. This system is perfect for those who wish to create their own shower to their requirements, providing a bespoke steam shower experience.

    The HomeFit System includes a 3kW steam generator and a Bluetooth touch button control panel, designed for rooms up to 125 cubic feet. It also features an overload protection circuit (RCD), an auto drain system, O3 Ozone auto anti-bacterial sterilization, and two water-resistant chrome speakers. The system also includes a drain hose with a connector, a thermal steam hose, a premium chrome steam outlet, and a 2-year warranty upon registration.

    The Bluetooth touch control panel lets you stream your favorite music from your smart device or tune into the radio, adding a layer of relaxation to your steam shower experience. The HomeFit system supports Insignia's LED Chromotherapy light and specially designed aromatherapy systems. However, these are not included in the base package.

    The HomeFit system can add an AMI Aromatherapy upgrade kit for an additional low cost. This upgrade includes an aromatherapy oil diffuser essence holder, 10 essential oil diffusers, a sample aromatherapy essential oil, and a chrome-finished steam pod. Please note that while the HomeFit system is designed to be user-friendly, it is recommended that installation be carried out by a professional to ensure safety and proper functioning.

    How to Add Steam to Your Existing Shower Unit

    Assess Your Shower: The first step is ensuring that shower cabins are watertight. Steam is simply boiled water, and once it evaporates, it turns back into water droplets that will exit via the waste in the same way the shower water does.

    Make Your Shower Steam Proof: Some structural alterations will be required to make your existing shower "steam proof." This includes ensuring that the shower doors are well-fitted and sealed and that any space between the top of the shower screen and ceiling is enclosed with stud work. All shower walls and the ceiling must be entirely non-porous. Ceramic tiles, marble, shower board, and acrylic are all suitable materials.

    Choose the Right Generator Size: The smallest 3kw steam generator HomeFit system will likely suit many existing showers, provided the interior space is less than 120 cubic feet. The ideal shower tray-to-ceiling height is 7ft, but it should be no more than 8ft.

    How to Add Steam to Your New Shower Unit

    Plan Your Shower: When installing a new shower, you can select shower screens and doors that fit well with good door seals. The area of the room where the shower will go can be constructed in advance to achieve the optimum installation for steam use.

    Steam Proof Your Shower: All walls, floor, and ceiling must be steam and waterproof. While brick or block walls are fine, any walls constructed of plasterboard or fibreboard are best covered in marine ply first. It is recommended that all areas are then covered with a polythene membrane first before tiling.

    Choose the Right Generator Size: The 3kw HomeFit Steam Generator System will be adequate for smaller-size new shower installations. This Bluetooth-enabled system lets you stream music or use the FM radio while enjoying your steam session.

    How to Build a Large Steam Room or Enclosure

    Large Steam Room

    Plan Your Steam Room: When planning a large enclosed area or a separate room for your steam room, the steam and waterproofing requirements are much the same as for a smaller shower unit. The optimum height for the steam to be effective is around 7 feet.

    Steam Proof Your Room: The final interior finish needs to be non-porous, with tiles and marble being ideal. Ask your building supply center for a proper vapor barrier to install before tiling. A bespoke glass steam room door and frame can be acquired, and a floor drain will be required.

    Choose the Right Generator Size: The heavy-duty Signature steam generators come in sizes from 7.5kw to 18kw. The size you need will depend on the total cubic feet of space of the intended steam room area. Use the Metric Converter and Online Calculator to determine your ideal size steam unit.

    Remember, safety is paramount when installing a steam generator. Always use qualified electricians and plumbers throughout the installation process.

    Now For The Steam Room Accessories

    LED Lighting For Steam Room

    Insignia offers a range of accessories to enhance your steam generator experience and personalize your steam room. These accessories add functionality, convenience, and a touch of luxury to your steam room. Here are some of the essential accessories you can consider:

    1. Large LED Colour Spots (TL001): This luxury LED chromotherapy lighting system is developed especially for the steam room ceiling. It offers two modes of lighting, either fixed or scrolling and a memory function to remember the last lighting setting. These lights can add an extra touch of elegance to your steam room.
    2. Water Treatment Cartridge (TL012): Acting as a water softener, this cartridge preserves the longevity of your shower or steam generator. It reduces the random bonding of the calcium and magnesium molecules that cause limescale build-up.
    3. Auto-Descaling Function (TL003): This feature means the generator can be programmed to descale and flush itself. Once set, the machine will repeat the process every week or as desired.
    4. Twin Aromatherapy Atomiser (TL002): This accessory allows you to alternate individual aromatherapy fragrances via the control panel. Two bottles allow for alternative scents to create a delightful atmosphere.
    5. Twin Halotherapy Salt Atomiser (TL005): This atomizer allows you to enjoy the therapeutic effects of salt vapor which is beneficial for the skin, airways, and relaxation.
    6. RGB Strip Light Kit-2m: Immerse yourself in a cascade of colors with the chromotherapy LED strip lights. The strips have 7 color changes and are available in 2, 3, and 4-meter lengths.
    7. Exhaust Fan (TL004): Mainly intended for commercial installations, this accessory allows for quick dispersal of the steam from the steam room, allowing it to be fresh and ready for subsequent use.
    8. Commercial Fast Start Button (TL006): With this item, the steam starts at 30 seconds, the water will maintain a temperature of 80°C, and a 30-minute steam cycle will run and switch off until it is re-activated.
    9. SOS Button Alarm (TL007): Primarily intended for commercial use, the SOS button is an alarm that will emit a light and sound upon the press of the button.
    10. Alloy Square Safety Sign (TL014) and Steam Room Sign (TL016): These signs are designed with safety in mind and are primarily intended for commercial installations.

    These accessories can help you customize your steam room, providing a more personalized and luxurious experience. Please note availability and prices may vary, so checking the website for the most current information is recommended.

    So In Conclusion.....

    Insignia's Signature Steam Generators are a top-tier choice for anyone installing a bespoke steam room in their home or commercial premises. Their high-quality construction, advanced features, and range of sizes offer a luxurious and beneficial steam spa experience.

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