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Pure E Electric Shower Cabins: The Cold Water Feed Only Solution.

  Building upon the success and popularity of Vidalux's renowned Pure range of pressurised shower cabins, the Pure E Electric Showers are specifically designed to address the challenges faced by homes without a consistent hot water supply. The Pure E range offers a seamless and efficient solution for such scenarios by incorporating a high-quality Electric Shower unit within the cabin.

Pure E Shower Cabins

The Pure E has unparalleled versatility.

Their unparalleled versatility sets the Vidalux electric shower cabins apart. They are an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade or replace their existing showers, especially in settings with only a cold water supply. The installation process is straightforward, making it a convenient option for homeowners seeking ease and functionality.

The range of power options available.

One of these electric shower cabins' standout features is the dual range of available power options. You can choose between an 8.5KW model for those prioritising energy efficiency or a 9.5KW model for those desiring a more robust water flow. This flexibility ensures you can tailor your shower experience to your needs and preferences.

Triton electric units 8.5 + 9.5

But the customisation continues with the electric Triton unit beyond this, as they are available in various finishes to complement any bathroom décor. Whether you prefer the classic Standard finish, the sophisticated Lux Metal, the pristine Lux White, or the bold Lux Black, there's a unit design that will resonate with your aesthetic sensibilities.

As for the shower cabin itself...

Based upon the regular Pure range, this E collection offers a blend of simplicity, luxury, and affordability, making it a perfect addition to any bathroom setting. Whether considering a compact 800 x 800 mm cabin for a cosy en suite or a spacious 1200 x 900 mm unit for a family bathroom, we have an electric shower cabin that will meet your needs without straining your budget.

Pure E Showers

A guaranteed leak-free experience

One of the standout features of these Pure electric shower cabins is their impeccable leak-free design. Thanks to Vidalux's unique 'Leak-Seal' technology, you can rest assured that no drop of water will escape. If water bypasses the compression-sealed design, the leak-free tray directs it back via return channels, ensuring your bathroom remains dry and safe.

Say goodbye to silicone

Tired of mouldy, unhygienic sealants ruining the look of your shower? These Pure E shower cabins eliminate the need for visible silicone thanks to their revolutionary leak-seal technology. This ensures the highest level of integrity, making these cabins an excellent choice for design and functionality.

Pure E Showers

Easy maintenance + quick-release door wheels

Practicality meets style in the Pure E range. The quick-release door wheels make cleaning those hard-to-reach places a breeze. These spring-mounted, easy-gliding wheels can be installed and removed instantly, making maintenance effortless.

Unbeatable warranty and support

Our focus is on providing products of the highest quality, and that's why each electric shower cabin comes with an extensive warranty. Should you encounter any issues, our continuous supply of spares and replacements ensures you're covered, even after the warranty period.

Offset Pure E Showers

Elegance meets durability

The Vidalux Pure E Electric Shower Cabins are designed to seamlessly blend into various bathroom aesthetics. With a tray base of reinforced acrylic over a steel frame, these cabins offer robustness and stability. The safety glass panels minimise the risk of cracks and chipping, providing a durable and safe showering experience.

Easy installation and user-friendly design

Ease of installation is one of the key features of the Pure E range. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional installation, setting up these electric shower cabins is straightforward and cost-effective. The cabins can be placed directly against an un-tiled wall, saving time and money on tiling.

Power options and versatility

Choose between an 8.5KW model for economical water flow or a 9.5KW model for that extra power boost. These cabins are designed to the highest standards and come in neutral colours to complement any décor.

Square Pure E Showers

Safety and comfort for all ages

For families with young children or elderly members, safety is a top priority. The controls and safety glass shelves are strategically placed to prevent accidental tampering. Additionally, the electric shower cabins offer enough space for seating options optimised for safety and robustness in wet environments.

Protect your investment and your home

With the Pure E Electric Shower Cabins, water damage is a thing of the past. These self-contained units keep water safely within, allowing placement against untiled walls. The cabins offer more comfort and privacy than standard shower enclosures, making them an excellent investment for your home.

Accordingly, we at Smart Price Warehouse are excited to offer you this range of electric shower cabins that combine affordability, luxury, and practicality. With the backing of Vidalux's 15 years of expertise in the bathroom business, you can be confident in your purchase. Come explore the Vidalux Pure E range today - View Here!

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