Simple Tips to Eliminate Limescale From Your Steam or Shower Cabin

By Will Tottle | How to Guides

Jun 16

Tips To Eliminate Limescale

If you happen to live in one of the areas of the UK famous for having hard water (see Essex, Kent, Bristol, London, Southampton, etc; in fact almost the entire country and especially the Eastern two-thirds), then you already know what a major problem it can be. Hard water can not only leave your skin, hair and any clothes you wash in it feeling rough afterwards, but it also allows limescale and calcium deposits to build up in the shower.

This can leave the walls of your shower cabin constantly looking and feeling dirty and eventually even lower the water pressure in your shower by clogging up its head. Luckily though, it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, there are a number of easy ways that you can get rid of, or better yet, even prevent these problems—allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a warm, relaxing shower, no matter where you may happen to live.

Install a Water Softener

Some people would have you believe that the best/only way to solve the resulting problems that hard water can cause it to tackle the root of the problem and install a water softener or add a shower head filter. However, these can be quite expensive, making them not an option for many of us. What’s more, there are actually other ways that are just as effective, while costing a fraction of the price.

Using Scale Wizard

While water softeners will actually change the mineral content of your water, there is another product that can have the same effect of preventing limescale without having t change its mineral content. What we’re talking about is the Scale Wizard limescale remover, which uses electricity to both prevent and remove any limescale deposits. By changing the structural content of the calcium molecules in your water, Scale Wizard can effectively do the same job as a water softener. Better still, at under £80, it only costs a fraction of the price when compared to the hundreds of pounds you’ll pay for a water softener (not to mention having to continually buy bags of softener salt to keep it working). Best of all, it comes with a five year warranty and a money back guarantee—so you know it works!

Cleaning Away Limescale

While Scale Wizard is our choice for the best way to get rid of calcium deposits, you still do have one other option—regular cleaning using lemon/lime juice. Both lemon and lime juice are incredibly effective at removing limescale and other mineral build-up. All you need to do is spray or wipe the surfaces, let it sit a few minutes and then scrub it away. In addition, you can also remove any deposits from your shower head by soaking them in a solution of juice and water for a few minutes and then scrubbing the inside and outside of the heat with a plastic brush—it’s that simple! One thing to note: never use harsh chemical cleaners to remove limescale, as they can damage the surfaces of your shower, causing discoloration or worse yet, resulting in you having to replace the entire shower much sooner than you would otherwise have had to.

Preventing Limescale Build-up with Shower Guard

If you want to ensure that you don’t continually have to scrub away these deposits, you can also use Shower Guard or another similar product. Shower Guard makes use of nanotechnology to coat glass, tiles, porcelain and other surfaces in a way that prevents the mineral deposits from sticking to them in the first place and allowing you to reduce the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your shower cabin.

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