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Apr 04

Ok, so what what makes a steam function shower so different?

Thinking of a steam function shower for the home?  In terms of bathroom innovation, steam showers are quite likely the greatest thing ever created in the past few decades. Each has a regular hand shower with a riser bar, an overhead rain shower, hydro massage back jets and then the steam room functionality. Add to this other features such as coloured lighting, seating, aromatherapy and music and you thus have a very desirable addition for any bathroom or en-suite. Typical installation involves a tray, screen, shower valve and then all the tiling.

Here's a brief list of the typical fetaures of most steam function showers on the market today:-
steam function shower - this is the steam outlet

Large monsoon shower - Hand shower & riser bar - 3 multi-spray back jets - Fast start steam generator - Touch control panel - FM radio & Bluetooth - Quality sound speaker systems - LED back lights - Chromotherapy lighting - Ozone sterilisation - Stool or flip seat - and so on.

Taking a closer look at these benefits one by one will help you understand the idea of a steam function shower and just how much they differ to a normal shower.

Traditional installed showers.....

It doesn't matter whether it's cleaning ourselves or our children and maybe even our pets, there are times when we all just want to clean up quickly and efficiently. In this regard, an ordinary shower often with a detachable hand held option, can serve all manner of purposes in such showering circumstances.

Steam showers also have an overhead rain shower.....

Sure, the regular hand shower as above and on a riser bar is standard....but there are times when it's just fabulous to soak. It could be that after a long day, with your muscles aching or your head is spinning and you can't deny that when you feel like this, you'd really love going for a relaxing bath....and it used to mean actually taking a bath, to gain that soothing effect.

We now though, have the option of taking a long drenching from an overhead monsoon rain shower instead. The experience is similar to taking a bath, except you can stand up or indeed, sit down. If your steam shower does not have a built-in seat, a free standing stool can be used as a comfortable alternative.

PR9-QCF-CG-S a popular Insignia steam function shower
Hydro back massage jets....

Hydro massage jets provide effective pain relief for aching muscles, which, let's face it, is sometimes all we need from time to time. Of course, the back and body jets are not a substitute for visiting a massage therapist, but they are a convenient and cost effective method of acquiring some pain relief, without have to leave the home or incure additional costs.

The steam room functionality....

The health benefits of steam are well known and unparalleled in the world, which is why so many different cultures have cherished and used steam, for so long. This long term use of steam and the benefits derived, is why steam showers have grown in popularity and here's why...

Steam is made up of two elements: heat and water. In saunas for example, the emphasis is on the sensation of heat, and because they are so hot, they limit the humidity despite what it might seem. Another instance is Turkish baths, which focus on steam aspect, so these must reduce the heat, despite what may seem to be the case.

Steam-based treatments are not as effective as saunas, for conditions that respond more to the heat. Generally though, regular types of saunas are difficult to integrate into modern lifestyles and properties, due to their size and style.

However, infrared saunas were developed for this reason, and you can even buy infrared sauna mats to provide a deep-heat treatment in even the smallest of spaces. A Turkish bath gives you a bit of heat as well as steam, which is great for conditions that benefit from steam.

Steam shower - Body Jets

So steam function showers then, are the modern equivalent of a Turkish bath, which are obviously too large for the average bathroom hence we believe steam showers are the best all around health and wellness product available today in terms of accessibility and the range of features they provide.

Additional steam shower features...

The function of a steam shower usually includes other features, including aromatherapy systems, colored lights and chromotherapy mood lighting, plus music provided via FM radio or Bluetooth connectivity to your Smart Phone.

These types of features are also useful for improving your physical as well as your mental health, since each of these can benefit you in different ways. Furthermore, the aromatherapy modules are also helpful for improving your physical health too.

chromotherapy lighting
Space saving benefits.....

Despite their physical dimensions, baths take up more space than they appear to. Using the vertical space around them for storage would be advantageous, but partly due to the water splashing around, it might create a safety hazard for anyone using the bath and so much wasted space with baths.

While showers require minimal floor space, they maximize the vertical space in your bathroom. The reason for their popularity is partly due to this and more so in todays smaller bathrooms and en-suites.

Not only do steam showers enhance your showering experience, but they also enhance your quality of life in general. Because they come within a self-contained shower cabin or cubicle, there is no need to tile the walls behind and hence no requirement to clean and maintain tiles either!

In summary then, a steam shower can be a great addition to any bathroom or en-suite and provides numerous benefits for you and all the family.

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