Steam Room Installation? Expert Tips Shared

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Jun 02

Smart Price recently asked a number of top industry experts the follow question:- 

Question: "What #1 Tip (can be more than 1) would you give to home owners considering installing a steam room or steam shower in their property."

Our thanks for their expert below is what they said......

Aaron Gruenke - Beauty, Sauna and Baths

​Go for the largest size steam shower you can fit in your bathroom… many people later regret that they didn’t get a bigger shower but no one ever regrets that it is too big. Also when considering a free standing steam shower look for a quality product not lowest price because you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to modular free standing steam showers.

Look for things like all tempered glass panels compared to acrylic panels, full metal frame under the base for support or just points of support. Thickness of glass panels is another key thing to look for… look for showers with glass 8-10mm in thickness.


Aaron Gruenke - General Manager -

Joseph Abrams - Coral Sea Spas

​Well the number 1 Tip that I would advise all home owners is to perform regular maintenance on the steam shower. This would include cleaning the steam generator with a descaler to ensure no build up is present in the system which can cause the unit to break.

The number 2 Tip I suggest is to use a Solar Hot Water heater, if they live in an area where this is workable. Solar Hot Water heaters are big money savers. Especially when you have a bathtub that holds close to 100 gallons!


Joseph Abrams - Coral Sea Spas -

Brekke Lysaker - Cedarbrook Sauna

​.Without a doubt you must use a high quality water proofing membrane....such as latticrate products over cement board, Kerdi Schluter system or Weddi board systems and also use larger tiles to minimize your grout lines. Make sure the ceiling slopes 2" per foot to alleviate build up of cold drips & to sheet the massive amount of water droplets from remaining hanging on the ceiling after use.

​Don't skimp on the quality of the steam generator, problems with these will render the steam room useless and result in expensive build out being non functional.


Brekke Lysaker - Cedarbrook Sauna -

Ian Groom - SaunaKing

​Get the customer to check their power supply capacity early in their enquiries as Steam generators are high current users.

Sauna King

Ian Groom - SaunaKing -

Anthony Gaudio - Amati Canada

​Glad to help out....the # 1 Tip would be is to have a well ventilated bathroom fan like Panasonic with moisture sensor . Second , make sure all exterior walls if any are spray with 2 pound foam and then size the unit properly using the formula given by the manufacturer usually all the same LxWxH multiplied by usually an additional 30-40 % and then your set to go .


Anthony Gaudio - Amati Canada -

Richard Ford - Aqua Steam Room Generators

​1st I would suggest buy a British made steam room generator and 2nd either build the ceiling of your steam room/enclosure with a dome or slope. Condensation dripping does not enhance the steam experience.

Aqua Home

Richard Ford - Aqua -

Tanya Sharpe - Senior Marketing Executive - RogerSeller

​The crucial element in planning for an effective steam shower is the Space and Size Requirements. Steam generators are engineered to produce enough steam for a specific volume of space. The size of the space you have available dictates the size of the Hammam unit. If you build a Hammam with a larger area than the steam generator can handle, it will not get warm enough and it will cause the steam generator to run constantly. Rogerseller provide a range of models to suit different space requirements. Other important considerations include:-

Sloping Roof: When building a Hammam it is important for the roof to be slightly sloped, this allows the condensation to run down the back wall and not form droplets that fall off the ceiling in an annoying hot rain fashion.

Insulation: To keep the heat in the Hammam, reduce running costs and maximize the warmth affects, we recommend that the shower room walls must contain a minimum 30mm ISOBOARD.

Height of the Hammam: The available height is an important consideration; you need a maximum height of 2.3m. As steam and heat tend to rise, ceilings higher than 2.3m cause the Hammam to lose too much heat. More information can be found online:-


Tanya Sharpe - RogerSeller -

Marko Tossavainen - Finnleo

​The #1 Tip....You need to plan your steam room or steam shower properly before starting works within the room as it can be very difficult and costly make adjustments once the walls have been sheet-ed, waterproofed and tiled.

​It is very important to rough-in all of your plumbing, electrical, steam line and the controller, while you have the framework open and fully accessible.

​You want to know what type of seating you will have in the steam room so that appropriate supports can be placed into the walls plus the style of seating may also determine where your steam nozzles are located.

​Steam room are a fantastic luxury to have and can be costly to build correctly so therefore the better planned you are the easier it will be to complete your project on time and budget.


Marko Tossavainen - Finnleo -

Paul Lysy - Stirrling Saunas

​My #1 tip would be for homeowners to consider this option during a renovation period or new building. Simply because it requires a lot of preparation work before even considering the steam shower or steam room.

Paul Lysy

Paul Lysy - Stirrling Saunas -

Paul Verbic - ShowerTech

​Choosing a contractor that has proven experience ,backed by a outstanding workmanship warranty.In the tile world, pretenders are look out.

Paul Verbic

Paul Verbic - ShowerTech -

Scott Campbell - Australian Sauna

​Tips: The addition of steam to your home shower is a smart, healthy, luxurious decision and is best incorporated at the time of carrying out a new build or renovations. A steam/shower can be in a standard 900 x 900mm shower cubicle with a fold down bench to a larger room with fixed tiled benching. Australian Sauna and Steam Rooms Pty Ltd can help with design and the supply of quality SAWO Finland steam generators. You can view some photos on our website here:-

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell - Australian Sauna -

Jeremy @ Luxury Spas Inc.

​My #1 tip is to have good assembly instructions. I'm not talking about the Chinese instructions which are included with the shower. Chinese instructions are notorious for horrible instructions.

​We assembled each shower in our showroom and created assembly pdf files and electrical and plumbing pdf files.... all in English. No other steam shower retailers in the USA have done this. 

Jeremy @ Luxury Spas Inc.


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