The DIY Option:- Build your own Steam Room or Steam Shower.

By Will Tottle | How to Guides

Jun 23

Build Your Own Steam Room

If you have your heart set on having a steam shower or a full, spa-quality steam room in your home, you actually have quite a few different options you can go with. While there are a good number of different, ready to install steam shower cabins available, if these do not quite suit or they won’t fit in your bathroom, then you always have the choice of going the DIY route and building your own steam shower or room.

With this option, you can choose to convert a new or existing shower enclosure to include a steam generator or build your own purpose built steam room. This has a number of added advantages, such as giving you the ability to pick and choose exactly how big you want the enclosure to be and which features you want to include (radio, TV, mood lighting, etc.) and then finish the enclosure off in whatever style or design you want. In addition, it is perfect for those of you with an awkward shaped bathroom where none of the pre-made steam shower cabins will fit.

Although you will most likely need to hire professional help to install the plumbing, wiring, etc., it is nonetheless quite easy to design and build a steam room for your home; especially if you take the easy route and purchase our fantastic DIY steam room kit from Insignia. This kit comes with absolutely everything you could need to build a new steam shower or convert your new or existing shower enclosure to include steam, including-

·         2.8kw steam generator

·         Steam outlet

·         Electrical box

·         Insulated piping and drain hose

·         Ozone filtration and cleaning system

·         One speaker and waterproof cover

·         Extraction fan and cover

Better still, you’ll also get a touch screen control panel that allows you to control the lighting, radio, steam generator, fan and much more. Plus, Insignia also ensures all of the components with a full two year warranty, making this kit the perfect choice for converting any shower cabin to add the relaxing benefits of a steam room.

However, if you’re looking at the possibility of a larger steam room for home, you’ll probably need a much larger steam generator. So in this case you probably should consider going with Insignia’s 6 or 9kw steam generators, which also include a heavy-duty steam outlet available in beautiful brass or chrome; a chrome temperature sensor; and an additional cable to allow you to add mood lighting to your DIY steam room. For additional safety, both of these units come equipped with a timer which will shut the generator off after 30 minutes. Not only that, but they also include a full 3 year warranty, allowing you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your steam room will be built to last.

DIY Steam Room Requirements

Building your own steam room or shower cabin is actually much easier than you’d think, and in fact almost any existing shower enclosure can quickly be adapted to include a steam generator—usually in only a few hours. Basically, all you need is a fully enclosed, waterproof space to hold the steam in, a shower or other water connection, and a power outlet to plug the generator in, plus a cabinet or other space to hold the generator. Of course, you’ll also need to run plumbing from the generator to the water source, which is again why it’s recommended you hire a professional for this part of the job; unless you happen to have experience with fitting your own piping and plumbing.

All in all, building a steam shower or room in your home doesn’t have to be that expensive or that difficult, and once it’s all finished, you’ll definitely be glad you did it as you sit back and enjoy the relaxing effects in your own private steam room. To view our ange of steam generators, please Clic Here.


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