The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Steam Shower

By Will Tottle | How to Guides

Jan 27
Steam Shower Buyers Guide

Buying A Steam Shower – Ultimate Guide

When buying a steam shower, if you were ever puzzled about what the difference was between a shower cabin, shower pod and shower cabinet; whether your old gravity fed boiler or Combi would be adequate and what the waste and electric needs are, then go have a read of this comprehensive Buyer’s Guide.

What’s more, it’s not just about steam showers either, as all types that fall under the “free-standing or self-contained” banner  – including shower cabins, hydro showers and whirlpool steam showers too, are all featured.

Be warned though…this isn’t a 2 minute flick through, but a very informative presentation, packed with facts, Infographics and images and all laid out in a logical, step by step manner.

So whatever type of steam or shower cabin you are seeking to buy, this guide should answer all your questions and more.

The helpful sections include:-

Part A: Introduction To Self Contained Showers

Part B: -Water Supply Requirements

Part C: The Electrical Requirements

Part D: All About Walls and Floors

Part E: Acylic or Glass Interiors

So to view the “The Ultimate Buyers Guide To Steam Showers, Shower Cabins & Whirlpool Bath Steam Showers” – please follow this link:

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