Update On Shower Cabin Sizes

By Will Tottle | How to Guides

Nov 09

Hydro Shower Cabin Sizes & Shapes

Over the years, the available sizes and shapes of hydro shower cabins has remained fairly constant but in more recent times, more choice has become available and particularly so with the Insignia brand.

Accordingly, here below is an update on all the traditional and latest sizes and shapes for these popular, free-standing and self-contained showers. These can also be found and viewed in new sized based categories on the website.

Rectangular Shaped Shower Tray

Rectangular Shaped Tray

Quadrant Shaped Shower Tray

Quadrant Shaped Tray


Offset Shaped Tray

800mm x 800mm quadrant shaped models

900mm x 900mm quadrant shaped models

1000mm x 1000mm quadrant shaped models

1100mm x 700mm offset shaped models

1200mm x 800mm offset shaped models

1050mm x 850mm rectangular shaped models

1150mm x 850mm rectangular shaped models

1400mm x 900mm rectangular shaped models

View All Shower Cabin Models and Sizes

Pure 800 White
Hydro Pluss 900 Black
Lisna Waters LW20R Offset Shower
Platinum 1050 Shower Cabin
2 Person Shower Cabin

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