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Introducing: Vidalux Aegean Whirlpool Showers

 The Aegean range of whirlpool steam showers by Vidalux is a testament to their harmonious blend of style and functionality. With options in classic Crystal White or contemporary Midnight Black interiors complemented by modern chrome fittings, these showers are designed to add a touch of elegance to any bathroom. Available in three sizes - Aegean 1350, Aegean 1500, and the largest, Aegean 1700 - they cater to various bathroom layouts and dimensions, thus ensuring a perfect fit - view the range Vidlaux Whirlpool Showers.

Powerful 1HP Whirlpool Pump:

The Vidalux Aegean whirlpool showers range is distinguished by its exceptional whirlpool bath capabilities. Each model has a powerful 1HP whirlpool pump, six high-powered jets with an air mix controller for personalised settings, and three spray body jets on the central column. These features come together to provide a superior hydrotherapy massage experience. The Bluetooth connectivity allows for seamless media streaming from a phone to the shower's high-quality speaker system, creating a personalised ambience.

Vidalux Aegean Whirlpool Steam Shower

Vidalux Aegean 1350 White Interior

Quick-Start Steam Generator

A standout feature of the Aegean range is the quick-start steam system, offering the health benefits of a steam sauna right in the comfort of your home. This system, along with the other advanced shower features, is controlled through a state-of-the-art touchscreen panel. This panel is available in colours that match the shower's glass finish, ensuring aesthetic coherence. A soft-touch remote control enables users to operate the shower and its significant functions without entering it.

With Three Shower Functions:

The Vidalux Aegean whirlpool showers also have a large monsoon overhead shower, a high-quality chrome hand shower, back jets, a storage shelf, an Ozone sterilisation unit, and a Vernet thermostatic valve with complete anti-scalding protection. The extractor fan and long-life LEDs enhance the functionality and durability of the shower. The Chromotherapy lighting feature, which softly transitions through a spectrum of mood-enhancing colours, can be set to any shade, further elevating the shower experience view the range - Vidlaux Whirlpool Showers

Aegean 1500 x 900 Black

Vidalux Aegean 1500 Black Interior

Vidalux Quick-Build Features:

Underpinning these impressive features is Vidalux's commitment to quality. The Vidalux Aegean whirlpool showers boast 'Leak-Seal' technology and a no-leak guarantee, ensuring that any water behind the shower is redirected back inside, accommodating even imperfect installations. This commitment extends to the showers' quick-build features, which include a no-silicone visible design and quick-release, easy, clean wheels.

Versatile and Easy To Install:

The Aegean whirlpool steam showers are versatile and easy to install. They are designed to be fully compatible with combi boilers and eliminate the need for a pressure-equalising valve. Vidalux offers comprehensive installation guides and a dedicated technical support line, ensuring a smooth setup process view the range Vidlaux Whirlpool Showers.

Vidalux Aegean Main Features & Benefits:

Vidalux's Industry-leading Fast Start 2.8KW steam generator: This innovative feature enables rapid heating, providing steam quickly and efficiently for an optimal shower experience.

Unique 'Leak-Seal' technology, innovations and guarantee: The Aegean showers are equipped with advanced Leak-Seal technology, ensuring a watertight experience and peace of mind with a solid warranty.

No silicone on show design: The sleek design of the Aegean showers eliminates visible silicone, contributing to your bathroom's clean, modern aesthetic.

Aromatherapy system for infused essence into the steam: Enhance your shower experience with the aromatherapy function, allowing for the infusion of essential oils into the steam for a spa-like experience.

High-quality 'Vernet' thermostatic shower valve: This feature ensures a consistent and safe shower temperature, eliminating the need for a pressure-equalising valve.

Compatible with all combi boilers: The Aegean showers are designed for compatibility with all combi boiler systems, ensuring easy installation and use.- Vidlaux Whirlpool Showers.

Vidalux robust Touch screen control panel in matching colours: The touchscreen control panel offers ease of use and is available in colours that complement the shower's design.

Fully remote control operated: For added convenience, the Aegean showers can be operated remotely, allowing for control outside the shower enclosure.

Vidalux Aegean 1700 White

Vidalux Aegean 1700 White Interior

Bluetooth connection: Stream your favourite music or podcasts directly in the shower with the integrated Bluetooth connection.

Complete, powerful whirlpool system with air-to-water ratio mixing feature: Enjoy a therapeutic and relaxing whirlpool experience with customisable air-to-water ratio settings.

Powerful 8 Jet patented AirSpa system in the base: The AirSpa system features eight air jets, providing a luxurious and invigorating base massage.

Stainless steel large monsoon shower: Experience tropical rainfall with the large stainless steel monsoon shower head.

Internal Colour changing chromotherapy light: Set the mood with the chromotherapy lighting, choosing from eight colours or pausing on the one that best suits your mood.

Quick-release, easy glide door runners for ease of cleaning: Maintenance is made simple with quick-release door runners, ensuring easy access for cleaning.

Waterfall bath tap: The waterfall bath tap adds a touch of elegance and soothing water flow to your bath experience.

Chrome finish hand shower and riser rail: A stylish chrome finish hand shower complements the overall design, enhanced by a practical riser rail.

Longlife LED subtle mood backlights: Create the perfect ambience with long-lasting LED backlights, adding a subtle mood-enhancing effect to your shower.

Dedicated technical support line: Receive expert assistance and advice with Vidalux's dedicated technical support line.

Complete, comprehensive installation guides: Installation is straightforward with comprehensive guides, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

Full 5mm safety Glass: 5mm safety glass in the Aegean showers enhances durability and ensures user safety.

Coloured back panels and clear front glass: A combination of coloured back panels and clear front glass offers a modern and stylish look - view the range Vidlaux Whirlpool Showers.

3 multi-spray massage jets: Enjoy a superior massage experience with three multi-spray jets, offering 30 sprays for ultimate relaxation.

Storage shelf: Conveniently store your shower essentials on the built-in storage shelf.

Built-in DAB radio: Stay entertained with the built-in DAB radio, bringing your favourite radio stations into the shower.

Airspa Bath

High-quality speaker system: The speaker system delivers crisp, clear sound, enhancing your media experience in the shower.

The reinforced acrylic base on a steel frame: Durability and stability are assured with a reinforced acrylic base sitting on a robust steel frame.

Adjustable levelling feet: Achieve the perfect level and stability for your shower with the adjustable levelling feet.

Cushioned comfort headrest: Enhance your comfort with the cushioned headrest, providing support during your shower or bath.

Redesigned, unique after-shower Ozone sterilisation cleaning system: This advanced cleaning system sterilises the shower after use, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness.

Extractor Fan: The essential extractor fan efficiently clears steam from the shower, maintaining a comfortable environment.

5-year warranty upon registration: Enjoy peace of mind with a five-year warranty, available upon registration of your Aegean shower.

Aegean - The Pinnacle of Luxury:

In summary, the Vidalux Aegean whirlpool showers range represents the pinnacle of luxury and innovation in bathroom fixtures. With its sophisticated features, designed for comfort, convenience, and health, the Aegean range is ideal for those seeking to transform their bathroom into a luxurious and rejuvenating space. For complete information, click to view the Aegean 1350 [1350mm x 800mm x 2180mm], Aegean 1500 [1500mm x 900mm x 2250mm] and Aegean 1700 [1700mm x 900mm x 2250] here at the Vidlaux Whirlpool Showers section on the website.

View the specific product pages as follows Vidalux Aegean 1350 - White | Vidalux Aegean 1350 - Black | Vidalux Aegean 1500 - White | Vidalux Aegean 1500 - Black | Vidalux Aegean 1700 - White | Vidalux Aegean 1700 - Black

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