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Vidalux all-in-one shower cabins for great value & convenience.

If you're in the market for a new shower, consider the benefits of Vidalux Shower Cabins. Also known as hydro shower cabins, these innovative units offer a range of features designed to enhance your showering experience. Unlike steam shower models, these cabins are 100% focused on delivering a powerful, refreshing water-based experience.Enter your text here...


The All-In-One Design

One of the main advantages of Vidalux Shower Cabins is their all-in-one design. These units are self-contained and free-standing, requiring no fixing to your bathroom walls or floor. This feature makes them incredibly easy to install. It means they can be placed in virtually any bathroom or en-suite, regardless of size or layout. Provided the correct plumbing can be made available, they can even be installed in a bedroom, thus stopping all family members' early morning queue for the bathroom.

The Main Showering Features

Vidalux Shower Cabins have various showering features that provide a luxurious and refreshing experience. These are:-

Overhead Monsoon Shower Head: This feature mimics the feeling of a tropical downpour, providing a drenching, full-body experience that is both refreshing and relaxing. The monsoon shower head is typically larger than a standard one, allowing for a wider water spread.

Hand Shower on a Riser Bar: For a more targeted and adjustable showering experience, Vidalux cabins have a hand shower mounted on a riser bar. This bar allows adjustments to be made to the height and angle of the shower head to suit your needs, making it easier to rinse off soap or shampoo. The user can also detach the hand shower from the riser; most have an adjustable spray head.

Back Massage Jets: Vidalux cabins also feature back massage jets for the ultimate relaxation. When strategically positioned, water jets target the muscles in your back, providing a soothing massage that can help with back aches, relieve tension and promote relaxation.

The Available Sizes and Shapes

Vidalux Shower Cabins come in various sizes and shapes to suit any bathroom. Whether you have a compact bathroom that requires a small corner unit or a large, spacious bathroom that can accommodate a more prominent, offset, or rectangular cabin, Vidalux has the option to suit your needs, with the smallest quadrant model starting at 800mm x 800mm and the largest, 1000mm x 1000mm.

Some Vidalux cabins are open at the top, providing a more spacious and airy feel and hence require no electrics. In contrast, other shower cabins are fully enclosed for a more private and immersive showering experience, with lighting, FM Radio, and Bluetooth connectivity.

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Thermostatically Controlled For Safety and Comfort.

Vidalux Shower Cabins, like many modern showers, are thermostatically controlled. This feature ensures a safe and comfortable showering experience by maintaining a consistent water temperature, regardless of hot or cold water supply fluctuations.

How Does a Thermostatic Shower Work?

A thermostatic shower valve controls the water temperature by automatically adjusting the mix of hot and cold water through a built-in thermostat that constantly monitors the temperature of the mixed water. When you set your desired temperature, the thermostat maintains this setting. If there is a sudden change in the hot or cold water supply - for example if someone else in the house flushes a toilet or turns on a tap - the thermostat will quickly respond. It does this by adjusting the hot and cold water mix to compensate for the change and maintain the set temperature.

Hence even if the water pressure changes during your shower, the temperature will remain consistent, ensuring a comfortable showering experience but also adding an important safety feature. It prevents the risk of scalding from sudden increases in water temperature or cold shocks from sudden decreases.

Harnessing Your Home's Central Heating

Vidalux Shower Cabins use the hot water supply from your home's central heating system. They tap directly into the hot water that your boiler or water heater produces, providing a reliable and steady source of hot water for your showers.

The Need for a Pressurised Supply

For optimal performance, Vidalux Shower Cabins require a pressurised water supply. The various features of the shower cabin, such as the overhead monsoon shower head and back massage jets, rely on a certain level of water pressure to function effectively.

A pressurised water supply ensures that water gets delivered with sufficient force to power these features. This water power is through various means, depending on your home's plumbing system. For instance, homes with a combi boiler or unvented hot water system typically provide a high-pressure water supply. However, suppose your home has a gravity-fed system (where the water tank height above the shower determines the water pressure). In that case, you may need to install a shower pump to increase the water pressure.

Vidalux Electric Shower Cabins

While many of Vidalux's Shower Cabins function with a hot water supply from a home's central heating system, Vidalux understands that not all homes have this setup. For homes that only have a cold water supply, Vidalux offers a range of electric shower cabins as a solution. These electric shower cabins feature the popular Pure range, but instead of the pressurised shower valve setup found in their traditional shower cabins, these models come equipped with a choice of Triton electric shower units.

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How Do Electric Shower Cabins Work?

Electric shower cabins heat water on demand, meaning they only heat the water you're about to use. When you turn on the shower, cold water from your home's mains supply is drawn into the unit. This water then passes over a heating element within the Triton shower unit, similar to how an electric kettle works. The water is heated instantly and then delivered to the shower head. One of the main benefits of an electric shower cabin is that it's always ready to go, regardless of the hot water availability in the rest of the house. It makes them an excellent choice for homes with a cold water supply or households with high hot water demand.

The Triton Electric Shower Units

Triton is a well-respected brand known for its reliable and efficient electric showers. By offering a choice of Triton electric shower units, Vidalux ensures that customers receive a high-quality, reliable product. The Triton units' specific features and power ratings may vary, allowing customers to choose the model that best fits their needs and preferences. Vidalux's range of electric shower cabins, equipped with Triton electric shower units, provide an excellent solution for those with only a cold water supply. They offer the same level of luxury and comfort as their traditional shower cabins, ensuring a satisfying showering experience for all.

So to conclude.....Vidalux Shower Cabins offer a unique combination of great value, quality, convenience, and versatility. With their all-in-one design, range of showering features, and variety of sizes and shapes, these cabins are a fantastic addition to any bathroom. Whether you're starting your day with a refreshing shower or winding down with a relaxing back jet massage, a Vidalux Shower Cabin can provide the perfect showering experience.

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