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Elevating The Shower Experience with Hydro Plus Showers by Vidalux....

  Vidalux's Hydro Plus showers epitomise the brand's commitment to going beyond the ordinary in shower technology. These showers are not just a product but an experience, setting a new benchmark in the industry. Receiving high praise on platforms like Trustpilot, Vidalux stands out as a top-rated shower and sauna manufacturer. Once you step into a Hydro Plus shower, your perception of an average shower changes forever, leaving you wondering how you ever settled for anything less.

Hydro Plus 1200 Right White

Customisation at its Finest

Tailored to Your Tastes: Every aspect of the Hydro Plus shower can be customised, from the colour of the tray, roof, backboards, and framework to the column and the floor insert and stool. This allows for a shower perfectly suited to your tastes and bathroom decor.

Unique Combination Options: Vidalux offers the flexibility to provide combinations not typically shown, catering to particular customer requests and ensuring a genuinely personalised showering experience.

A Variety of Shapes & Sizes for Every Bathroom

Recognising the diverse layouts of bathrooms, the Hydro Plus Showers range from Vidalux and are crafted to meet different spatial requirements. The variety in sizes ensures a perfect fit for any bathroom, whether a snug en-suite or a more expansive area. The range includes:

Compact Cubicles: These are ideal for smaller bathrooms or en-suite rooms, designed to utilise space efficiently without sacrificing the luxurious showering experience that Hydro Plus Showers are known for.

Spacious Offset Models: Perfect for larger bathrooms, these models offer generous space for a more leisurely and indulgent shower experience. They are designed to fit in corners and are available in left or right-handed configurations.

Hydro Plus 1200L & R: This shower cabin type, measuring 1200mm x 800mm x 2200mm, provides an even more spacious showering area. It's an excellent option for larger bathrooms, with handed options to suit various bathroom layouts.

Quadrant Showers: A superb choice for corner installations, these showers blend seamlessly into the room's design while offering a spacious interior:

Hydro Plus 800: Tailored for tighter spaces, this model is perfect for smaller bathrooms or en-suite setups. Its dimensions of 800mm x 800mm x 2200mm cater to those with limited space who still seek the quality and luxury of a Vidalux shower cabin.

Hydro Plus 900: This quadrant shower design is suitable for corner installations with dimensions of 900mm x 900mm x 2200mm. It's ideal for smaller bathrooms or en-suites, offering a compact yet luxurious showering experience.

Hydro Plus 1000: This model, measuring 1000mm x 1000mm x 2200mm, provides more room than the Hydro Plus 900, making it suitable for a more spacious shower area. Also, with a quadrant design, it fits well in most standard-sized bathrooms.

The Hydro Plus Showers range from Vidalux is versatile enough to suit any bathroom, providing various sizes and shapes to fit different spaces while ensuring a luxurious showering experience.

All Black Hydro Plus 800

Exploring the Hydro Plus Shower Functions

In contemporary bathroom luxury, the Hydro Plus Showers stand out with their triad of showering functions, thus transforming your daily routine into an indulgent experience. This section delves into the three main showering features of the Hydro Plus models: the overhead monsoon shower, the adjustable hand shower on a riser bar, and the back/body massage jets, each offering a unique aspect of showering luxury.

1. Overhead Monsoon Shower: A Rainfall Experience

The overhead monsoon shower is the centrepiece of the Hydro Plus Shower range. Designed to mimic the natural sensation of standing in a gentle rainstorm, this feature offers a full-coverage, drenching experience that many find profoundly soothing and rejuvenating.

Luxurious Coverage: The broad shower head disperses water over a wide area, enveloping your entire body in a cascade of water.

Stress Relief: The gentle pressure of the monsoon shower is known for its ability to calm the mind and relax tense muscles, making it the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

Natural Experience: The design of the monsoon shower mimics the natural rainfall, providing a serene and naturalistic element to your daily routine.

2. Adjustable Hand Shower on a Riser Bar: Versatility and Precision

The adjustable hand shower, mounted on a riser bar, adds a layer of versatility and targeted functionality to the Hydro Plus Shower experience.

Customisable Height: The riser bar allows for easy shower height adjustment, making it suitable for users of all ages and heights.

Targeted Cleaning: The hand shower offers more control, making it easier to rinse specific areas and clean children or pets.

Flexible Usage: It's beneficial when you don't want to wet your hair or for tasks requiring more precise water control.

3. Back/Body Massage Jets: Therapeutic Bliss

The most indulgent feature of the Hydro Plus range is the array of back and body massage jets. These jets are strategically positioned to target critical areas of the body, providing a therapeutic massage experience.

Muscle Relaxation: The jets are designed to target muscle groups, aiding in relaxation and relieving soreness.

Circulation Boost: The jets' pressure can help improve circulation, which is beneficial for physical health and skin appearance.

Customised Experience: Users can typically adjust the pressure and positioning of these jets, tailoring the massage to their needs and preferences.

The Hydro Plus Showers range offers a multifaceted approach to showering, with each of the three essential functions catering to different needs and preferences. Whether it's the enveloping warmth of the overhead monsoon shower, the hand shower's practical versatility, or the massage jets' therapeutic benefits, Hydro Plus provides an all-encompassing, luxurious shower experience. This combination of features makes it more than just a shower; it's a daily retreat, a space for comfort, convenience, and relaxation. In a world where self-care is increasingly recognised as vital to wellbeing, the Hydro Plus Showers present a perfect opportunity to infuse a touch of luxury and therapeutic benefit into every day.


Advanced Features for Ultimate Pleasure

The Hydro Plus range is synonymous with customisation. You can design your shower to your exact preferences. The range offers a variety of features, including:

Chromotherapy Lighting: This mood-enhancing feature allows you to cycle through a spectrum of colours or select a specific hue to suit your mood.

Bluetooth and FM Radio: Full connectivity and a built-in FM radio let you enjoy your favourite tunes while you unwind.

Touchscreen and Remote Control: Manage all features with a state-of-the-art touchscreen control panel or a convenient remote, adding a layer of luxury to your preparation for a night out.

Extractor Fan and Fast Flow Waste: These elements ensure a comfortable and clean shower environment.

Easy Clean Door Wheels: Simplify cleaning and maintenance with quick-release door wheels.

Thermostatic Shower Valve: A high-quality Vernet valve maintains a consistent shower temperature, powered by luxurious multi-spray hydrotherapy body massage jets with 30 spray outlets.

Leak-Free Design: The unique design guarantees no water spillage, with a leak-free tray directing any water back via return channels.

Silicone-Free: Say goodbye to mouldy sealants with a revolutionary design that requires no visible silicone.

Customisable Elements: Tailor the colour of the tray, roof, backboards, framework, column, floor insert and stool to your preference.

Quick Build System: The unique screw-free framework allows easy installation.

Easy Clean and Fast Flow Waste: Quick-release wheels and a 90mm waste trap ensure easy cleaning and efficient drainage.

Remote Control: Manage the shower's electronic functions effortlessly.

Seating Options: Padded flip-down seats or stylish freestanding stools for added comfort and versatility.

Backboard Colors: Choose from Ocean Mirror for a reflective, effortless shave post-steam sauna, classic Crystal White, or modern Midnight Black.

Column and Framework Colors: Select from classic silver or contemporary black with a quick-build, screw-free framework.

Wood Insert & Stool: Add a rot-free, easy-to-clean wood insert and matching stool in White, Black, or natural wood tones.

5-Year Warranty: A testament to Vidalux's confidence in their

Hydro Plus Showers: So, in conclusion...

Hydro Plus's range from Vidalux is the pinnacle of shower innovation and luxury. Every feature, from the mood-enhancing chromotherapy lighting to the convenient quick-release door wheels, has been thoughtfully designed to create an unparalleled showering experience. The wide range of customisable options ensures that each Hydro Plus shower can be tailored to fit individual tastes and bathroom designs, making it a perfect addition to any home. The combination of advanced technology, user-friendly design, and Vidalux's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes the Hydro Plus range a standout choice for those seeking to elevate their daily shower into a luxurious and rejuvenating experience. View the Hydro Plus range of showers HERE

Black Tray, Roof, Frame & Back Panels

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