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Introducing the Vidalux Kingston 1500 corner whirlpool steam shower.

The Vidalux Kingston 1500 is more than just a whirlpool steam shower bath; it's a luxurious experience that captivates and impresses. For those who will only settle for the epitome of luxury and sophistication, the Kingston is the ultimate choice. At 1500mm x 1500mm, they don't come much bigger than this. With Vidalux's unparalleled quality, this corner-positioned whirlpool combo unit fulfils every conceivable desire.

Crystal White or Midnight Black Interior

Brought to you by Vidalux, a brand celebrated for its superior steam and sauna creations and lauded by its clientele on Trustpilot, the Kingston is a masterpiece. Its elegant design, available in timeless shades of Crystal White or Midnight Black, and its contemporary chrome accents ensure it's a perfect fit for modern and classic bathroom aesthetics.

Vidalux Kingston 1500 Whirlpool Steam Shower White

Its acclaim as Europe's top-selling model in its category speaks volumes. The Kingston has potent whirlpool jets, a robust 1HP pump, 10 AirSpa Jets, rejuvenating back massage jets, and an array of body spray jets, delivering an unmatched hydrotherapy session.

Check the tech-savvy features:

Tech-savvy features include the DAB radio and Bluetooth integration, and its rapid steam initiation system can be infused by the user with aromatic scents of your choice. What's more, many of the Vidalux Kingston 1500 components can be turned on and off by the user with the remote control. Whether prepping for a revitalizing steam session or enjoying your preferred tunes as you prepare for an outing, the Kingston caters to every whim.

Touch-screen control panel:

Its cutting-edge touch-screen interface offers users an intuitive way to navigate all the shower's offerings. From its generous monsoon rain shower, sleek chrome handheld shower, practical storage space, and easy-to-clean door mechanism to its advanced Ozone sterilization system, ambient LED illumination, efficient extractor fan, and matching control panel, the Kingston is the epitome of luxury. Including the Vernet thermostatic valve and mood-enhancing chromotherapy lighting further elevates the experience.

Large corner whirlpool shower - bath and jets.

Unparalleled luxury and craftsmanship:

But the true essence of the Kingston lies in Vidalux's steadfast dedication to unparalleled luxury and craftsmanship. Every facet of its design radiates grandeur. Vidalux's comprehensive no-leak assurance and innovative 'Leak-Seal' technology ensure peace of mind. This unique design feature channels any stray water droplets back into the shower. 

The absence of visible silicone will, for many customers, seal the deal, making the Vidalux Kingston 1500 not just a functional whirlpool steam shower bath but a symbol of style and reliability. As such, it is a testament to Vidalux's commitment to delivering only the finest to its discerning clientele.

Some key points to consider:

Leak Free: Our showers are uniquely designed with nothing fixed behind a wall, ensuring they are GUARANTEED to remain watertight. If water bypasses the compression-sealed design, the leak-free tray channels it back through return pathways.

Silicone Free: Say goodbye to mouldy, unclean sealant ruining your shower's appearance. Our ground breaking design eliminates the need for visible silicone. The innovative leak-seal technology upholds the utmost integrity, positioning our showers at the forefront of the market.

Quick Release: While style is paramount, so is functionality. Our quick-release wheels facilitate effortless cleaning in typically inaccessible areas. They're spring-mounted, glide smoothly, and allow immediate access behind the shower door.

Remote Control: Experience convenience like never before. Control the radio, Bluetooth, steam, and all electronic features with a simple button press. Prep your steam session without entering the shower, or set the mood with ambient lighting and your chosen tunes.

5-Year Warranty: Trust in a brand that offers robust warranty and support. We provide a comprehensive 5-year warranty against any manufacturing or product defects. Should you ever need assistance, we're here for you, ensuring a continuous supply of spare parts and replacements even post-warranty.

Aromatherapy: Elevate your spa sessions with our specially curated shower essence oils. Dive into pure luxury with five exquisitely formulated fragrances designed to rejuvenate your senses, refresh weary minds, or relieve common ailments like coughs and colds.

Vidalux Kingston 1500 Remote Control

Kingston 1500 - the main features:

✅ Vidalux's Fast Start 2.8KW Steam Generator: Leading the industry with rapid steam generation.

✅ Unique 'Leak-Seal' Technology: Offering a guaranteed seal against leaks.

✅ Invisible Silicone Design: Aesthetically pleasing with no silicone in sight.

✅ Aromatherapy Function: Infuse your steam sessions with essence for a therapeutic experience.

✅ High-quality 'Vernet' Thermostatic Shower Valve: Eliminates the need for additional Pressure Equalising Valves.

✅ Vidalux Touch Screen Control Panel: Robust and user-friendly interface.

✅ Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamless integration with your devices.

✅ Combi Boiler Compatibility: Works effortlessly with all combi boilers.

✅ Remote Control Functionality: Operate steam and media features without entering the unit.

✅ Powerful 1HP Whirlpool System: Enhanced with an air-to-water ratio mixing feature.

✅ 10-Jet AirSpa System: Patented design located in the base for a powerful experience.

✅ Large Monsoon Shower: For a refreshing and immersive shower experience.

✅ Chromotherapy Lighting: Choose from 8 colours or select one to match your mood.

✅ Easy-Glide Door Runners: Quick-release mechanism for convenient cleaning.

✅ Waterfall Bath Tap: A touch of luxury for your bath.

✅ Chrome Finish Hand Shower: Complete with a stylish riser rail.

✅ Long-Life LED Mood Backlights: Enhance the ambiance with subtle lighting.

✅ Dedicated Technical Support: Always here to assist you.

✅ Combi Boiler System Compatibility: Fully adaptable to all combi boiler systems.

✅ Comprehensive Installation Guides: Making setup a breeze.

✅ 5mm Safety Glass: Ensuring durability and safety.

✅ Distinctive Panel Design: Coloured back panels paired with clear front glass.

✅ 6 Back Massage Jets: Strategically positioned on the centre column for optimal relaxation.

✅ Multiple Spray Body Jets: Two separate banks on the walls for a comprehensive massage experience.

✅ Storage Shelf: Practical space for your essentials.

✅ Built-In DAB Radio: Tune into your favourite stations with a high-quality speaker system.

✅ Reinforced Acrylic Base: Supported by a sturdy steel frame.

✅ Adjustable Levelling Feet: Ensuring stability on any surface.

✅ Cushioned Headrest: For added comfort during your relaxation sessions.

✅ Ozone Sterilisation System: Unique post-shower cleaning mechanism.

✅ Extractor Fan: Efficiently removes steam and moisture.

✅ 5-Year Warranty: Peace of mind with registration.

Vidalux Kingston 1500 Black Whirlpool Steam Shower

So, in summary:

The Kingston 1500 by Vidalux is a large, quadrant-shaped whirlpool steam shower bath with great features. View the Kingston 1500 White or Kingston 1500 Black.

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