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Vidalux Pure Showers Range: A Reseller's Perspective...

The Epitome of Luxury in Compact Spaces

   As an appointed reseller of Vidalux Pure Showers, we at Smart Price Warehouse are thrilled to introduce you to the Vidalux Pure Range of luxury hydro showers. Their self-contained shower cabins are designed to fit seamlessly into any bathroom, whether a master en suite or a family bathroom. Available in various sizes and shapes - 800 x 800, 900 x 900, 1000 x 1000, and 1200 x 800 mm - these quadrant and offset cabins offer the same high-quality build and functionality, regardless of their dimensions.

Vidalux Pure Showers

Vidalux Pure Showers - Quadrant Style In 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm Sizes

Timeless Elegance Meets Functionality

Vidalux doesn't chase trends; it sets standards in style. The Pure Range cabins are in crisp white and ocean mirror glass, offering a timeless aesthetic that complements any interior design. These neutral colors blend effortlessly into traditional and modern settings, ensuring your bathroom remains a style sanctuary for years.

Durability You Can Trust

Quality is not just a buzzword for Vidalux; it's a commitment. The Pure Range of shower cabins have robust acrylic bases on a steel frame with adjustable feet, ensuring stability even on uneven surfaces. The safety glass used in these cabins withstands the test of time, backed by a guarantee of at least two years. As a UK-based company with over 15 years in the industry, Vidalux offers peace of mind with its consumer-friendly warranties.

Hassle-Free Installation

Suppose you're of an age where you've navigated the world of adult responsibilities. In that case, you've often faced the task of assembling flat-pack furniture. You've likely discovered that while some pieces come together like a dream, others—especially those on the more affordable end of the spectrum—can be a real headache to assemble. Recognizing this common struggle, we've gone to great lengths to ensure that our entire line of shower cabins, including the exceptional Pure range, is designed for hassle-free assembly. Even if you only have a rudimentary understanding of DIY tasks, you'll find the installation process straightforward and intuitive.

Vidalux Pure Showers - 1200 x 800

Vidalux Pure Shower - Offset Style 1200mm x 800mm Left or Right Hand

But that's not all. One of the standout features of our Pure range is its self-contained design, which offers a significant advantage during installation. Unlike traditional shower setups that require tiled walls, our Pure range cabins can be installed directly in front of untiled surfaces, thus eliminating the need for additional expenses like purchasing tiles. We've engineered our Pure range to provide an easy, cost-effective solution for enhancing your bathroom without compromising quality or aesthetics.

Leak-Free Living

In traditional shower enclosures, leaks are an unfortunate but all too common issue. These leaks create unnecessary stress and can lead to potential water damage, affecting the integrity of your bathroom and home. It's a problem that can result in costly repairs and headaches. However, with the Pure Range of shower cabins, you can put those concerns to rest. 

With the self-contained design, the shower trays ensure that every drop of water remains safely within the enclosure. This process eliminates the risk of leaks and the subsequent damage they can cause, providing you with a shower experience that is as worry-free as it is luxurious. With the Pure Range, you can focus on the relaxation and rejuvenation a shower should offer rather than fretting about potential problems.

The Ultimate in Shower Flexibility

Showering is no longer just about cleanliness; it's a form of self-care. The Pure Range offers a monsoon shower head for a full-on deluge and an auxiliary shower with three settings for a lighter touch. The thermostatic controls maintain the perfect temperature, while the hydrotherapy jets provide a soothing massage.

Vidalux Pure Showers - Offset White

Vidalux Pure Shower - Offset Style 1200mm x 800mm - White or Black Interior

Added Comfort and Safety

For customers requiring additional support in the shower, the Pure Range can supplied with either a flip-down, cabin-style stool or a freestanding stool. A convenient glass shelf keeps all your products within reach, eliminating the risk of tripping.

Affordable Luxury

By focusing on core functionalities like hydrotherapy, Vidalux has made luxury accessible. The Pure Range offers all the benefits of a high-end shower without the added costs of non-essential features like chromotherapy lighting and Bluetooth connectivity.

Final Thoughts

As a proud reseller of Vidalux Pure Showers, we can confidently say that the Pure Range offers an unparalleled shower experience. Its blend of style, functionality, and affordability makes it a top choice for homeowners looking to elevate their bathroom space.

So why settle for less when you can have the best, in open-at-the-top, self-contained showers? Experience the Vidalux Pure Range today! View the Pure models HERE.

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