What is a shower pod?

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Jun 20

Shower pods - so what are they?

  Shower pods are self-contained free-standing showers that are usually supplied flat-packed and then assembled into the required position. Also known as cabins, cubicles and cabinets; once constucted  and installed, they stand there much like a washing machine. Again, similar to the appliance previously mentioned, the shower pod is not fixed to the floor or walls, making it easy to service in the future.

If you compare it to a traditional shower installation

A traditional shower means fitting a shower tray against a wall or walls, which are then tiled. A shower screen is added, plus doors and a shower valve. In comparison, a shower pod is an all-in-one solution and ready to use when you are.

Key components of the shower pod

An open-top shower pod typically includes the tray, a central control tower with a pre-fitted shower valve, the interior back wall panels, the front frame, and glass, plus the sliding doors for the shower. A fully enclosed shower pod is furnished with a roof or ceiling panel. It typically includes a monsoon shower head and lighting.

The excellent news, tiles are not necessary.

Assembling the shower pods sections in the specified room is easier by the instructions provided. All panels either screw together or click together using quick-build assembly systems. Usually, the back wall of a shower consists of either black, white, or mirror glass, or maybe a matt or textured finish. There is no extra cost or mess associated with tiling with shower pods. Furthermore, since the interior panels are not transparent, it is not necessary to tile or finish the walls behind the shower. These since will not be visible once it is in place.

Some essential features of the shower pod

The main features of most shower pods are a monsoon shower overhead, a hand shower on a riser bar, and massage jets. Of course, these features are not used simultaneously! When a selector knob is turned on the shower valve, the user can easily switch between the preferred features of the shower. Additionally, a steam room feature can be added at an additional cost. This consists of a steam generator attached to the back of the shower pod.

What say you, let the music play?

As you are probably already aware, modern shower pods are capable of much more than merely providing you with a quick shower. Full enclosed models usually have integrated FM radios with speakers, and some have even built-in DAB radios and full Bluetooth capabilities. Streaming your personal music while you're in the shower is also an option. What about lighting that sets the mood? Currently, cutting-edge shower cabins can be equipped with LEDs and color-changing Chromatherapy lighting.

The typical shower pod includes:

Other features can include leak-proof trays, drop-down seats, free-standing seats, and touch control panels. Also, magnetic door closers and easy glide rollers. These also help to lift the shower doors out for easier cleaning. In fully enclosed shower cabin models, glass shelves for toiletries and sterilisation systems in the form of ozone are helpful additions.

What are the water and electrical needs?

Unless they are electric, shower pods require a pressurised hot and cold water supply, normally of two to three bars. Combined boilers and Megaflow systems are excellent options; gravity boilers also work, but they require a shower pump to function. Most open-up showers do not require an electrical connection. A fused 13 amp supply is required for fully enclosed shower cabins, providing power for control panels, lighting, radio, etc.

Various shower pod sizes are available:

Besides deciding between an open-top or fully enclosed shower, there are also choices about the size and shape of the pod. For the most part, space is the main deciding factor here. There are many different types of corner and quadrant models and offset and elongated models. Typical corner sizes include 800mm x 800mm, 900mm x 900mm, 1000mm x 1000mm. Offset included 1200mm x 800mm and 1100mm x 700mm. Rectangular sizes are 1150mm x 850mm, 1200mm x 900mm and 1400mm x 900mm.

The best place to install a shower pod

A shower pod is typically installed in a bathroom or en-suite to replace or supplement an existing bath or shower. Installing them directly into other rooms is possible if the plumbing requirements permit. This can be a real boon to any home, especially if several family members want to shower at once! The free-standing and self-contained nature of shower pods allows them to be placed in gardens along with pools and hot tubs. They can also be installed in factories, workshops, and office settings.

So, shower pods are the perfect solution for adding shower facilities to almost any location. They are a fast, cost-effective, and mess-free solution that is well worth considering for your next project.

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