What is an offset shower cabin?

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Jan 27

An offset shower cabin, also known as elongated, has 2 right-angled side panels.....

...similar to a quadrant or corner shower cabin, although offset models have different lengths of side panels. With our supplied brands they are typically 1200mm x 900mm, 1200mm x 800mm and 1100mm x 700mm in size. A self-assembled frame connects the two side panels to form the front of the shower. This framework houses the entrance to the unit which typically has sliding glass doors on most models. The offset shower footprint is straight on the back and side, with a curved and straight section at the front.

Insignia PR12L-OBF-CG-S

Left Handed Offset Steam Shower

Insignia PR12R-OBF-CG-S

Right Handed Offset Steam Shower

Unlike the standard quadrant models which fit into any corner, the offset shower comes in two styles to fit into either a Left or Right hand corner position. Therefore, extra care needs to be taken when planning to ensure the correct hand is requested when ordering. As a general guide, when viewing the image of a Left Hand offset version from the front, the right angled end is positioned on the Left side. The curved end where the doors are, is then on the Right. In reverse, on the Right Hand offset model when looking from the front, the right angled end is on the Right. The curved end where the doors are, is then on the Left side of the shower.

Pure Left White

Open Top, Left Handed Offset Hydro Shower Cabin

Pure Right White

Open Top, Right Handed Offset Shower Cabin

We supply three brands of offset shower cabinets, namely Insignia, Vidalux and Lisna Waters and in two distinct types. Hydro shower models come in two types: fully enclosed or open at the top, as well as fully enclosed with steam. All have three key showering features: an overhead rain shower, hand shower and body/back jets. Additionally, the steam models have a 2.8kw steam generator that is housed out of sight behind the control tower. These showers all require hot and cold water supplies and an electrical connection, where lighting and other such features are listed. 

The electric offset shower cabins from Vidalux are an exception to the above. These require a single cold water feed and electrics for the chosen Triton unit. These have a detachable hand shower head only and are an open at the top model, which is also available in several quadrant sizes too.

Pure E Right Black

Electric Right Handed Offset Shower Cabin

Pure E Left Black

Electric Left Handed Offset Shower Cabin

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